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This is a blog dedicated to my wargaming hobby in particular collecting, painting and gaming with Space Wolves. I hope to show you theprogress of my newly purchased Space Wolf army as I paint and play.

I have decided to base my Great Company on that of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai. I see so many Ragnar companies around I wanted to try something a little different. Who better then a Wold Lord named after the Guardians of the gates of death who has a twin brother called Irnist the Wise! Morkai and Wise anyone?

I hope to include painting progress, battle reports and my general thought on all things Space Wolves or all things 40k.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Bradimus Prime

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nerd ahoy!

Well my wife thinks I'm crazy, I spent an entire weekend cleaning out my Garage to create my very own Warhammer Room. With the help of my good drinking buddy Von Muller and a 6 ton skip my gaming room was born!

It has a permanent 6' x 4' gaming table with rural and Urban terrain features, bags of storage for terrain and models and a kettle for the most important thing of all...... a cup of tea.

On an even geekier note I'd like to show off my new Space Wolf dice courtesy of Adam over at http://space-wolves-grey.blogspot.com/ . Adam had these bad boys custom made and was kind enough to sell some off and share the goodness. Nice one Adam! If you haven't already check out his Blog it is fast becoming the number one Space Wolf resource out there with bags of Tactical and painting guides. along with up to date news and reviews.


  1. Yeah, I got a warning from GW via eBay about those. Luckily they all sold in under 5 minutes!

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Are you in the UK or the US?

  2. I live in sunny old Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I wondered if the GW police would pick up on those dice, Good job I got in quick. I'm surprised its something they have never bothered doing themselves to be honest.

  3. Nice man cake mate, hope you spend many fun hours in it.

  4. Excellent, nice to find another UK blogger. I'll give you a shout about the next 40K Day up in Notts if you want to come along.