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This is a blog dedicated to my wargaming hobby in particular collecting, painting and gaming with Space Wolves. I hope to show you theprogress of my newly purchased Space Wolf army as I paint and play.

I have decided to base my Great Company on that of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai. I see so many Ragnar companies around I wanted to try something a little different. Who better then a Wold Lord named after the Guardians of the gates of death who has a twin brother called Irnist the Wise! Morkai and Wise anyone?

I hope to include painting progress, battle reports and my general thought on all things Space Wolves or all things 40k.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Bradimus Prime

Monday, 7 December 2009

Taste of things to come

So its been a while but I got my lazy arse moving and decided to get this blog going. I've decided on my Great Companies colour scheme and painted up a bit of a WIP figure. This is a Grey Hunter from my Flamer pack. All the models in this pack have been posed to look like they are charging forward into combat.


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