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This is a blog dedicated to my wargaming hobby in particular collecting, painting and gaming with Space Wolves. I hope to show you theprogress of my newly purchased Space Wolf army as I paint and play.

I have decided to base my Great Company on that of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai. I see so many Ragnar companies around I wanted to try something a little different. Who better then a Wold Lord named after the Guardians of the gates of death who has a twin brother called Irnist the Wise! Morkai and Wise anyone?

I hope to include painting progress, battle reports and my general thought on all things Space Wolves or all things 40k.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Bradimus Prime

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A new lair for Bradimus

Well after only a few weeks of blogging I will be moving to pastures new. As of today I will be working with Adam and the guys over at http://space-wolves-grey.blogspot.com/ . So you can still see all my wolfy goodness there along with the great work te others guys are putting in as well.

Bradimus Prime signing out......

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