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This is a blog dedicated to my wargaming hobby in particular collecting, painting and gaming with Space Wolves. I hope to show you theprogress of my newly purchased Space Wolf army as I paint and play.

I have decided to base my Great Company on that of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai. I see so many Ragnar companies around I wanted to try something a little different. Who better then a Wold Lord named after the Guardians of the gates of death who has a twin brother called Irnist the Wise! Morkai and Wise anyone?

I hope to include painting progress, battle reports and my general thought on all things Space Wolves or all things 40k.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Bradimus Prime

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

When Space Wolves go to war they do so in the company of Giants.....Forgeworld Space Wolf Dread.

Just picked up on this bit of awesome news from Forge World this afternoon, A Space Wolf Dreadnought!!!
I was sat this afternoon contemplating whether to include a Dread in my 1500 point list or not, this thing has just made my mind up. I must have one!
So I've just finished taking a close look at this thing and the detail is amazing. The first thing I noticed was the Wolf Standard toting the wolf pelt. If you look closer at the pelt you see that the head has decayed showing parts of the skull. The banner itself is bordered with Fenrisian Runes and the banner itself is a blank canvas, ideal for some custom art work or decals.
The Dread itself sports two wolfs heads on his chest perfect for Erik Morkai's great company. His armour has seen some action as it sports claw marks and battle damage whilst being trimmed with Runes.
Overall I am pleased with what Forgeworld have done, this Dreadnought still looks like any other MKIV and is not over burdened with extras making it look messy.

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  1. This think looks good! I hope to face it in battle.