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This is a blog dedicated to my wargaming hobby in particular collecting, painting and gaming with Space Wolves. I hope to show you theprogress of my newly purchased Space Wolf army as I paint and play.

I have decided to base my Great Company on that of Wolf Lord Erik Morkai. I see so many Ragnar companies around I wanted to try something a little different. Who better then a Wold Lord named after the Guardians of the gates of death who has a twin brother called Irnist the Wise! Morkai and Wise anyone?

I hope to include painting progress, battle reports and my general thought on all things Space Wolves or all things 40k.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Bradimus Prime

Monday, 21 December 2009

Preparing for battle

With the smell of victory still in the air Ulf the Horrible will face the Tau forces of Captain Yukka tomorrow night. Many time shave we crossed swords on the field of battle but we haven't played each other head on in some time....the game is on.

I plan on using the same list as last night as this is the ground work for my tournament army to be. The base 1000 points will remain the same, Rune Priest, 3 Grey Hunter packs and my Missile Launcher Long Fangs. The scouts are also an auto include although I would like to equip that Wolf Guard with something more other than Meltabombs.

I liked the Razorback and Wolf Guard Terminator addition to the Long Fangs which really increased that units damage output for a decent price. The second Long Fang pack is bugging me though, 3 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons and a TL Lascannon Razorback. This unit comes in at 240 points which is a big old chunk of the army which could buy pretty much anything else in the codex. But the question is what could I replace this unit with?

One thing I don't want to do is tailor the list to fight a specific army I really don't like doing that and as I said before this is ground work for tournaments this year starting in February 2010 at Vapnartak in York.

So with 240 points what can I do? Well I want a Thunderhammer for my scouts Wolf Guard, I know a fist would be cheaper but I want a bit of variety in the army too so lets chuck one on and take care of 25 points.

That gives me 215 points to play with, any suggestions people?

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